• Cheapest Car Insurance In The USA

    Did you know that one auto insurance company may charge $40 per month while another charges a whopping $250? There is no universal correlation between a higher premium and better service in the auto insurance world. The same goes for lower rates meaning poorer quality services–that’s only sometimes the case. That said, it’s unwise to […]

  • Top 10 Solar Plants

    Solar electricity is one of the first things that come to mind when discussing renewable energy. Compared to other renewable energy options (wind energy, hydro energy, nuclear energy), it is the most costly and complex option. Still, it has the lowest risk profile and needs minor upkeep. The United States is now ahead of the […]

  • Reduce Your Electrical Bill By Up To 40 Percent

    Conserving electricity serves the double purpose of helping stop global warming and saving a lot of money over time. Take a look around your home and office: any appliance that operates on electricity can be made more energy efficient. Insulating your home and changing your daily habits are also effective ways to reduce the amount […]

  • 5 Satisfying Foods for Weight Loss

    Delicious foods that help you diet? It sounds too good to be true. Weight loss comes down to simple math. You have to eat fewer calories than you burn. Certain foods can help you shed body weight, because they help you feel full longer and help curb cravings. Some even kick up your metabolism. So […]

  • 5 Car Brands to Buy and 5 You Should Avoid

    #1. Buy Subaru Subaru ranks high among thrill seekers and outdoor customers. With impeccably designed all-wheel drive capabilities, the tricky surfaces of intense winters are no longer a problem. With various models available to suit any taste and budget, you will no doubt fall in love with the Subaru. Page 1  

  • Insanely Clever Gardening Tricks

    Pot-in-a-Pot The pot-in-a-pot method is one which you can use to solve a whole lot of gardening problems. It’s excellent for flexible gardening (you can move things around with ease, without upsetting the plants nearly as much—great if you are experimenting with light conditions and such), and perfect if you have sand, coral rock, or […]

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